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The greatest challenge of ministry in our day is this; many who have entered into the justifying rest in Christ have not experienced His sanctifying rest.

What do I mean by this? They know they are forgiven and accepted by the blood but they still struggle in their daily lives with issues.

Many know through the finished work of Christ, they have been accepted in Christ and their sins are forgiven. They also know it is not by their works they have access to the Father and they have also experienced His mercy knowing this "if I sin I have an advocate with the Father through whom I receive forgiveness”.

The problem now is the sanctifying rest, even though I know am forgiven, I have struggles in my life, habits I struggle with, a cycle of sin I find difficult to break, hiding secret sins from others. I know I am loved by God and I also love God but there are secret sins eating away in my heart. I have revelation and insight into the word that demands a standard of life I cannot meet up with. My daily practice falls way short of my knowledge of the Scripture. Few people can understand the contradiction.

There is a work in the atonement of Christ that sanctifies the believer, separates him from sin and breaks the power and the principle of sin and establishes the believer in the conduct of righteousness.

Jesus in his death dealt not only with the sins a believer commits but with the principle of sin that produces the acts. He also established the workings of the Father in us by a covenant, and that is, God is the one at work in us to produce all that the scripture demands of us.

To the first who knows he is forgiven by grace, the concept “where sin abounds grace did much more abound” is seen in the light of just the grace to forgive the sin. To the second who understands that grace addressed much more, he sees the depth of grace in removing a powerful sin principle that had been at work in his life for years. He now knows that where sin abounds grace will much more abound, means grace wipes out sin in one’s life and conduct.

This is the grace that needs to be taught, not just acceptance but deliverance and completeness. It is the Father saying to you "sit at my right hand until I make all your enemies your footstool"

This is what some old timers called "the second work of grace" it was a term used to describe what Paul termed having begun in the Spirit are you now trying to perfect yourselves in the flesh. You may start right with justification and acceptance but don't know how grace perfects.

What have I learnt about ministering on the platform of others

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In 2008, I attended a conference at Milwaukee Wisconsin as I sat and listened to a very powerful speaker, I mentioned to a friend who attended the conference “this will be the last time this man will speak here. He will not be invited in future”.

My friend laughed it off saying that won’t happen pastor. What made me, in spite of the fact that the host of the conference does have great respect forthis speaker and they are visibly close, make such a statement; this man was breaching protocols as he preached.

I knew in me that even though his sessions were quite impactful he would not be coming back anytime soon. This is 2016 and he hasn’t still been invited back even though all other speakers at that meeting that year have come back at various times through the years.

What have I learnt about ministering on the platform of others?

When invited to speak, if not indicated, ask for the allotted time and make sure you do not exceed that time even by a minute. Do not say when you are up on stage and your time is up, “the Spirit has impressed it upon my heart to do so and so”. 
The only reason why you are saying that is this, your heart is beginning to tell you, you are crossing boundaries here, stop. The spirit of every prophet is subject to that prophet Paul taught and in the context of what he was saying he meant even if the Holy Spirit has impressed something in your heart, for the sake of decency and order, hold your peace. Keeping the order is more important than your revelation or prophetic utterance. 1Cor 14:30-33

Even if you notice something “wrong” in that ministry, the pulpit is not where you start trying to correct it. You are a guest minister full stop. You don’t go into a house where you have been graciously invited for dinner and start correcting the parents in front of their children. That is simply bad manners. Heard someone say the act of disrespect is something that takes long to reverse. Avoid the temptation of your 15minutes of fame, where you start criticizing either the theme of the meeting or the reasons given for holding the meeting. If you truly are not in agreement with the theme and the flow of the conference, decline the invitation.

Don’t allow leaders or church members to whisper things into your ears and you in turn ask if they can meet up with you privately without taking clearance from your host. You must never be found injecting yourself into what is going on within that ministry without telling those who approach you that you will speak to your host about what has been said. Never betray the trust of the one who opened the door of his ministry to you. Within the local church you belong to, if you are given the opportunity to minister never use that as a platform to create your personal group or little camp. That is what Paul referred to as drawing disciples unto yourself and it is a character trait of a wolf. In all the local churches i attended and was a member, 3 in number, i did serve but never had the opportunity to preach publicly but i still got into ministry and God poured out His grace. You don't set up your own ministry within another church, simply out of order.

If you are now being regularly invited to speak at a place, never take it for granted. Walk in humility. Follow all the protocols set down as though it was your first time there. Don’t start throwing your weight around. Don’t ask for the microphone to add your thoughts to what another speaker just said and such like. Remain humble.



Church growth principles that are real and work (Part 2)

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To be able to change any condition in your life, you must master the art of bringing every thought in you into obedience to the word of Christ concerning the issue. Every thought entertained in your heart must be consistent with the vision of God concerning the issue.
There can only be a readiness to revenge(subdue, change) every outward disobedience in your situation when your obedience within is complete.
To grow anything, you must believe 100% in growth. You must believe with all of your heart that the growth of my ministry and its further development and expansion is the express will of God for us. Any shadow of doubt entertained will be exploited by the enemy as a genuine excuse for failure.
You must clearly see the portion of Scripture that clearly states that growth, increase and multiplication is God’s will for you. Once it becomes as abnormal to you for your church not to grow as it will be to a parent for their infant not to grow, you have taken the major step to experiencing the grace of great growth.
Each person must seek the face of the Lord to make it clear in your heart that growth is God’s will for you. His revelation will purify your motives. You are no longer seeking growth in order to compete with the ministry next door, nor to use it as a success symbol but you clearly see the intent of God in bringing about an increase. You enter into a covenant with God on it as the light dawns on you while meditating.
There are several parts of Scripture that clearly shows that growth is God’s will.
Christ in speaking directly about how the kingdom operates gave us three examples of God’s faithfulness and two of those three examples were manifestations of growth and that with ease. Luke 12:24-27
“24 Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; ............. 25 And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?........... 27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
How the lilies grow and how you also didn’t and cannot add one cubit to your stature. The growth comes from God. First words of God to man was “ fruitful then multiply”
Things that will facilitate growth
1. The root and source of real spiritual growth that comes with development is the Word of God. The Word is the ONLY source for true spiritual growth. The early Church multiplied as there was an increase of God’s word within it.
Acts 6:7 “And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith”.
Seek out all avenues for the word to be taught, preached, prayed and prophesied.
Never forget that even research over the years have consistently shown that the primary reason a person attends a church is because of the preaching of the pastor.
2. The message must be right. You cannot be found on the pulpit literally preaching to yourself affirming that your point of view is the right one. You must preach to answer the questions in the hearts of the people, giving them real solutions to things they face every day. Never preach outside the context of the lives of the people in the city your church is. Keep it simple and teach the way they have learnt from childhood to receive knowledge. Communicate transforming truth with transferable concepts that would surge forward and spread from one believer to another.
3. Develop the worship within your Church. Don Moen once told me how he was able to pick out an array of great worshippers like Ron Kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton to mention a few. He said where there is a great move of God in a church, they must be singing the right songs. He searched not first for singers but tracked where the move of God was and then he went into their services knowing they will have great worshippers.
4. Your personal faith will give you the initial breakthrough but multiplication will come from the faith of your people. Understand how to unleash the faith in your congregation.
2Corinthians 10:15 “Not boasting of things without our measure, that is, of other men's labours; but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly”,
5. Have a strong discipleship programme beyond your regular services to train folks. You will need able and strong people who are not just taught but trained and have your spirit upon them. Encourage private conversations among the people concerning what has been taught and encourage them to ask you questions when they do not understand. In hearing what they are going through as they practise what you have taught you will discover how to communicate truth better. The training of disciples is the most powerful aspect of ministry.
6. Discipline must not be compromised. Let people know that the leadership is healthy, supportive but also strong. Weakness is not a virtue when leading people.
7. Have a solid feed back system. The best leaders are the ones are most responsive to he needs of their people. Know what people really experience coming into your church. Avoid pride. Welcome and integrate strangers on a first level which in no way can endanger the culture of your church.
8. Do not compete. Pray and bless every ministry/church working in the same space as you and make great statements about them in the public square.
to be cont’d



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